Peach for days buttercream

By Madison Coiner

There aren’t a lot of peach buttercream recipes around, and even fewer that taste like anything but sugar. This recipe has a stunning peach taste that’s perfect on cakes like vanilla bean (which is what I made) or graham cracker flavored! It’s so wonderful to work with too!

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How to: gradient frosting

By Madison Coiner

Gradient frosting seems like one of the most difficult things to accomplish when frosting the cake, but it’s actually pretty easy with only a few simple steps to do it!! I’m planning on making a vanilla bean cake with peach frosting this week, and doing a red to white gradient for the decorating!

“It looks so cool!” said Lee Ann Coiner when asked about gradient frosting on cakes.

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Sugar free peanut butter cookies

By Madison Coiner

Trying to make things like cookies without sugar can be really hard. They might call for all of these strange sugar substitutes and even then the taste or texture might be off. This recipe is one of the exceptions. It uses only three ingredients that everyone knows! My dad, who has horrible diabetes, thought it was a miracle!

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